Tax Consulting

General tax and international tax consulting in areas of Wealth Planning, Succession Planning, Investment Vehicles, Repatriation Strategies.

Tax Opinions

Whether you need a formal tax opinion or a second opinion to validate an existing structure, we can work with you. We can work and liaise with a group of external advisors to bring value and address all relevant aspects of your operations. We can provide a tax opinion to your American counsel and to your financial institution or trustee as required by their compliance departments for implementation of a structure.

Legal Corporate Services

We work on the day to day legal corporate needs of our clients. We can also serve more complex matters requiring specific reestructuring of their domestic and/or international businesses. If needed, we will gladly work with our international network of affiliates on these processes.

Multi-Advisor Engagements

We play well with others, and can coordinate projects with your other providers to validate and successfully implement your strategic solutions, including formation of companies and foundations, and drafting and execution of trusts and letters of wishes.